Mind associated with Ideas

“The mind which differentiates man and woman, associates itself with thoughts or ideas. In other words, manayatana associates itself with dhammayatana. People often say, “I am paying attention to somebody,” “I am thinking of someone,” “I have dreamt of someone,” etc.

In face, nobody meets anybody else. Such thoughts do occur incessantly during all waking hours. They run in series. Unwholesome thoughts, too, occur often. Everytime a thought occurs, the mind associates itself with it, and many people revel in such thoughts, and would not like the suggestion that they go in for meditational practice.

There are some preachers who instruct their audience to keep their minds free and relaxed instead of concentrating on meditational points because concentration, they say, restricts the mind. This is in contravention of the Buddha’s instructions although it assumes an appearance of the Buddha’s teachings. If, according to these preachers, the mind is set free, it will surely indulge in fond thoughts and revel in sensual pleasures. It would be like the idle thoughts of an opium smoker. Indulgence in such idle thoughts is the same as indulgence in sensual pleasures. In Hemavata Sutta, the statement that the mind works conjointly with sense-objects or ideas is appropriate. In order to separate the mind from the ideas, one must go in for meditational practice to gain concentration. If the concentration power is weak, the mind will go astray associating itself with the sense-objects outside the point of meditation, as the yogis must have found for themselves.

Some pretentious preachers blame meditational practice as causing bodily discomfort. This is really discrediting the Buddha’s word.Those who follow their advice would be losing their chance of gaining true insight and would be unwittingly committing a great sin against Ariya and other noble persons.”

These are selected from the preaching of Mahasi Sayadaw : Discourse on Hemavata Sutta. Deeply contemplated on the preaching of him, thoughts flew from the present into the past smoothly and, unconsciously. Once my father told me that my mind had strayed ever on the sense-objects.That not only the sensitiveness, but the normal logical thinking had also been strayed in my life, he said. I did disagreed with him on that point and later refused bitterly all of them. For the one just like me who wanted to be a mathematician , I thought that Sensibility, Kindness, Feeling were misleading objects to pure thinking: – they were fallacy-makers for logic-streams, I thought: so unwisely neglected and missed them in that times. How foolish I was!

Then, for now , I see, indeed, that behavior was contrary to the nature or ( Loka ) the World or human being. Alas! Mathematicians and physicist I believed had also occupied the six senses. Floating on these , their thoughts’re flew away to find the truth of nature, Law of universe and amusing with the music of TOE. Most of the Buddhists said that Concentration with maths , logic, and other scientific facts was correspond only to the Loki : it means that it’s not the way to liberate from the suffering really. Whether or not this fact is true, to find the Peace ( in other way, to be free from any suffering of life ) need to rely on Senses in the first step. That’s the Gateway from which we access what we want.

To sum up, I found suddenly these thoughts from reading above paragraphs of Mahasi Sayadaw. These gave me the clues to see the path how the scientists as well as the philosophers work ,and finally keep on my journey; how to be free from suffering of thoughts.

14.10.2011 : 2:30 AM

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